We provide emergency locksmith service in Woodhaven, Queens within 30 minutes.

ABCO-Master Lock & Key Co locksmiths are dedicated to providing locksmith service to all neighborhoods.  We have over a decade’s worth of service expertise. We have done work in Flushing, Corona, Forest Hills, Rego Park, Woodhaven, Elmhurst, and many other neighborhoods. We provide the best quality high security locks for your home.   Our staff is ready, willing and able to come out to your location and provide you with emergency lockout, lock instalation, cylinder changes and much more  24 hours a day 7 days a week. Please contact us for your next house call 718-544-8347.  

In Flushing Queens we have done intercoms on Main Street, we have opened cars in the Skyway Super market parking lot. Flushing Queens is a fast growing community and we are always there to help secure all the new buildings, with new locks and new technologies.


Our team of expert locksmiths are always ready to come out to your location to let you into your house, apartment or commercial building.  Our main objective is to get you into your premises without having to break your lock to do it.  If we have to break your lock to get you in we always come equipped with a variety of locks  for you to choose from. So please call if you need emergency locksmith service 718-544-8347


Our team of locksmiths are able to come to your location introduce you to a few of the different types of locks that are out in the market.  The locks we recomment the most is theMedeco family of locks, we also recommend the Mul-T-LockArrow,Schlage, and for decorative hardware we recommend Baldwin locks.


When it comes to getting you into your home, apartment or your car our first mission is to do it without destroying your locks.  So we first try to pick open your lock, shim your lock or wrench it out.  We have emergency locksmith service in queens to provide  break in protection 24/7.


Our company has cylinders that will fit regular garage door locks, special garage door locks, and we have specialty garage door locks, such as the t handle locks.


A Fire Approved Window Gate is a Gate that is approved by the New York City Fire Department and is rated for life safety. It is a gate that gives you security but would allow you to exit your house in case there was a fire. In other words, you can open the gate from the inside but not the outside.


At any given time if you call us at  we are able to send one of our tecs to install any type of lock on your door.

We are dedicated to providing you with this additional work:


Electronic wifi locks are the latest addition to our industry.  These locks are designed to be opperated with your blue tooth and your phone.  Call us for a free estimate and upgrade your locks today.


Our inventory of high security pick proof cylinders and deadbolts include Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, Schlage, Abloy, Arrow and many others, so please call for a free estimate.


We at Queens locksmiths can customize your home to be outfitted with surveillance cameras that can be viewed from any remote location via your cell phone and any other smart device. We carry motion activated, infrared, and night vision cameras.


We recommend iron security storm doors.  Security storm doors are a visual deterent.  Seeing security storm doors potential burglars will most likely not attempt to break in, so secure your house with a security storm door equiped with high security pick proof locks.